Everyone has a camera now

Should you place your Brand in their care, custody and control?

10 years ago, my industry friends in LA declared and bemoaned the “Democratization of the Media”, when the proliferation and ubiquitousness of cell phone cameras and SLR digital cameras was exploding exponentially.  With everyone, their brother, kids and grandkids running around capturing content, video production was going to crater and dry up.  Apple put editing at the touch of people’s fingertips and the expansion of inexpensive software combined with technological advances would surely be the death knell of video production studios.  However, funny thing, the complete opposite happened and it has fueled a resurgence in broadcast quality corporate video.

The Democratization of the Media has occurred.  We see it everywhere; everyone has a camera now, but should you place your brand in their care, custody and control.  What I’ve seen is a widening gap between creative content executed to perfection with a final delivery of broadcast quality video versus poor quality, poor audio, less than sharp video images masquerading as professional corporate videos or commercials. 

Why would a company put their Brand in the hands of pedestrian dilettantes or rank amateurs?    Content should be remarkable and an action call converting to a sale. This doesn’t just happen by lark or fluke by capturing content and hoping for the best in editing. 

We’ve all seen phenomenal video and incomparably awful content.  Just because someone has a camera does not make them a Director of Photography.  Just because you have lighting, doesn’t mean you understand the nuances and visual and emotional range & power of proper lighting.  Crackling, inconsistent or outright distorted audio is not acceptable!

D.O.P., Technical Director, Editor, Sr.Video & Colorist, Audio engineer, Stylist, hair and make-up…these are all important components of producing an eye-catching, call to action commercial or corporate video.  Memorable doesn’t just happen by turning on the record button……  Framing, pace and storyline are just some vital elements whether in 15 seconds, 3 minutes or 1 hour videos.  Let’s stop pretending that all video looks good….there are miles between the good, the bad and being completely off your Brand message.

If the equipment is available to all, why does so much of the video being produced look so bad.  Being on Brand message is crucial.    Experience counts; A track record of on time, on budget deliverables means something.   Our award-winning crew (including Emmy’s) is what elevates the message and story your Brand is telling.  Anyone can put a camera in their hand now a days.  I’m certain that not everyone can perform and deliver like Atomic Television. What story does your Brand need to tell?  Text, email or call us, we’d be thrilled to put our knowledge and creativity to work for your next video project: mitch@Atomic.tv  , 702-415-108, Mitch Isaacs, Director, Creative Development , www.Atomic.tv