When The Cameras Roll Don’t Freeze

I have a face for radio, or so I’ve been told.  I’ve also been told that my deep baritone voice can incite a riot.   I love talking and interviewing, having worked as a radio DJ, voiceover artist, event Host/MC , as well as camera operator and segment producer for television.  Give me a microphone and you’ll need to pry it from my hands after I’ve made the audience laugh and cry and laugh some more.  I love the audience, thrive on the live setting and can be fearless and extemporaneous. But if you put me in front of the camera, all bets are off.  I need multiple takes and can alternate from horrible to functionable and occasionally fairly decent. Just never great and sometimes downright awkward.

Why am I sharing this? If you’re creating Corporate video or Broadcast content, take heed. Who will be on camera is a crucial decision?  What looks easy, isn’t.  What looks simple, can be extremely difficult.  Never used a teleprompter, then you better rehearse.  Actually, what I have found is that when Corporate Execs have told me they got this, they didn’t.  If I was told they didn’t need a rehearsal, I’ve learned it’s time to let them know otherwise and add in more rehearsal time.

I don’t know what it is about that cyclops lens staring at you, but it can make anybody cry, no matter how physically big or biz powerful, as they realize they are the star in a production of good ol’ stage fright, video style.  So here ‘s some solid tips to get the best possible performance from in house non-professional actor staff that will be on camera.

Choose wisely.  If your clients like someone in Sales or Marketing, then let’s start there.  Being comfortable with product knowledge and the buyers’ needs and wants and actually mean more than going for the best looking of your staff.  Relatable is translatable right to video.  Deer in the headlights look is also translatable and needs be avoided at all costs when the ON-AIR sign lights up for your corporate live broadcast “Road Show”.

Let’s kick it up a few levels and easily and cost effectively add some difference making options to your production.  Perhaps bring in a light make-up and stylist touch. Wardrobe decisions are vital   I’m sure you’ve heard the expression; the camera loves you.  Yes, it can and this will help get you there and avoid maybe the camera not liking you so much.

Lights, camera, BREATHE, action…let’s make this happen Big time so everyone looks good and your Brand and story are memorable for product and superior service and not every imaginable mishap or blooper a live video can bring.

Anyone can put a camera in their hand now a days.  I’m certain that not everyone can guide your performance and deliver a sale driven live broadcast like Atomic Television.  What story does your Brand need to tell? Let’s get you there professionally.  It’s what we do.  Interested in creating your own Live broadcast event?   Email, call or text us, we’d be thrilled to put our knowledge and creativity to work for your next video project: mitch@Atomic.tv  , 702-415-108, Mitch Isaacs, Director, Creative Development , www.Atomic.tv