The script has flipped.  Although the basics of, Why exhibit at a trade show?  Why attend as a buyer?  remain constant, accessing your buyers for real time conversion to immediate sales has radically changed. 

The simple answer is delivering a Virtual “Road Show” Live Hybrid interactive broadcast is now the most cost-effective sales & marketing platform…….No matter what the product line or service is!  The components to successful participation with strong ROI are now happening in the ability to remote broadcast direct to your clients without competing with 100’s of others in a full virtual trade show.

Why do virtual road shows work?  If you want to sell a lot of product to people you have been prospecting, talking, emailing and have continuing relationships with…. then you should present in real time. a live informative entertaining and participatory fun program that drives immediate sales.  You can talk to these buyers, open new opportunities from this platform with true quantifiable ROI via immediate conversion to sales.  Their your clients, why share them in a virtual trade show competing for their attention with your competitors or unrelated businesses

Here’s why selling your products or services in a distinct unique presentation is integral to keeping & getting customers on board.

  1. The buyers are able to see and direct the demonstration and get a close-up look at the product line. Buyers are able to ask questions and look as their questions are answered. Thoughts, ideas and all variables of the manufacturing process, product specifications and delivery logistics can be discussed. And where else can you cut a deal at “show special” rates…it’s alive and well and no better way to move product quickly.
  2. Meeting virtually via an interactive hybrid broadcast allows supplier credibility and thorough product and industry knowledge to be conveyed in fun and engaging conversations. The interpersonal interaction is dynamic…. it’s just not possible to get this across in e-mails!! Having your own virtual Corporate road show delivered in a broadcast quality program is a unique environment where the buyer and seller can freely interact while allowing for immediate feedback and additional demonstrations or technical information.  Add in pre-recorded content, power point product and marketing, live hosts, moderators all broadcasting live to your invited clients watching in secure video meeting rooms.
  3. Listening to your customers’ needs and sharing details and information live via HD video is irreplaceable. It allows you to visit your customers and keep relationship building in a time where live trade shows and office visits are not available. Staying in contact virtually is now the backbone of customer retention. Successful sales don’t “just happen” …you need to deliver the platform for sales to the buyers
  4. No cost to invite customers & clients to your Virtual “Road Show”. Prospective customers can be invited and scheduled for appointments. With a full roster of attendees logging in virtually, the time at the show will be fast paced & preset. You just can’t meet and talk to as many people in one day with traditional sales approaches as you can on a private corporate virtual hybrid live broadcast.  No amount of road warrior sales techniques or cold calling from a desk can match the sheer quantities of buyers with real purchasing authority you can engage within 1 day using a Live Broadcast of a virtual “Road show”…. or compound the numbers into a multi-day live interactive event.

At Atomic Television, we innately grasp and totally comprehend what makes exhibiting and attending a Business to Business event so rewarding.  Daily, we hear firsthand from Exhibitors why convention participation is integral to their company’s sales and marketing efforts.  Let our seasoned, Emmy award winning crew and experienced convention savvy marketers show you how to engage your customers and activate real time sales in this challenging environment.

That Live Hybrid Broadcast “Road Shows” work isn’t a striking revelation to any of us at Atomic Television. Give us a call, text or send us an email and we’ll help you achieve success by walking with you step by step and sharing a few tips we’ve picked up along the way about generating immediate sales through virtual broadcast custom environments.   Mitch Isaacs, Director, Creative Development , 702-415-8108, Atomic Television, Inc.