What is REMI?

Remote Live Broadcasts/Livestreams

REMI is where it’s at now.  The Sports and Entertainment Broadcast industry has been the standard bearer of live remote broadcasts for decades. In today’s climate, with people unwilling to travel or unable to leave their homes, a REMI production makes sense (also referred to as “remote production,” “virtual production,” or “at-home production.”). If you need to convert your in-person event, then live Broadcast/livestream is the solution. 

Our clients have switched previously planned in-person events into virtual live broadcast experiences. We’re live streaming and broadcasting corporate Road Shows, new product launches & Town hall productions & charitable fundraisers. 

REMI is the interactive platform to drive B2B & B2C sales. Each event has its own Branded creative approach; our technical infrastructure is unparalleled and quality consistent. Anyone on-camera receives video and audio equipment, which is transmitted to an on-site studio, our mobile studio trucks or back to our REMI studio in our Las Vegas facility.

So, what is a REMI production?

REMI – aka Remote Modulation Integration or Remote Integration Model is a production workflow that allows live content to be captured from a remote location and managed from a central control room. A REMI production maintains all the key production elements that you’d find in a standard broadcast. The key difference is that your on-camera talent can now be in remote locations around the world.  Broadcasting from Corporate Headquarters, Sales showrooms or Multiple green screen studios, seamlessly edited with a virtual background so that the audience sees 1 stage set while 5 participants are actually in 4 different cities. 

How did we do it? Matching stools shipped to the 4 studios and our decades of pioneering presence in live broadcasts creates TV magic. Our clients have utilized our interactive platforms to achieve immediate conversion to sales from these Broadcasts.

If you want to deep dive into the actual Tech, then I’ll have you talk to our team for hours about gear, connectivity and transmission capabilities.  For the basics, with a REMI production we’re dealing with multiple cameras (and audio) from multiple locations that all need to be transmitted to a central control room and then sent outbound for transmission (IP Based, Fiberoptic or satellite).  The Main On-Camera presentation is layered in the studio with lower 1/3 graphics, Power Point windows, pre-recorded video content all integrated and seamlessly woven into a live stream or live broadcast

Let’s take a look behind the curtain a bit more.  If you want your Branded Corporate content to look like the Today Show or Entertainment Tonight, here’s how Atomic Television’s sports and entertainment broadcast experience makes the fast-paced choreography of it look easy. We’re Background replacing, split multi-view panels, screen sharing, mixing and sweetening audio, video shading, switching, fading live video feeds, live caption, subtitles, on-air and off-air communication channels and interactive audience engagement and it’s being processed through the REMI control room (which can range from a flight pack to a dedicated control room to one of our mobile production trucks). Transmission and connectivity are HUGE components of a successful REMI production.

Wow, it’s fast paced. REMI for laymen means we’re taking all these multiple unique signals each with a different transmission speed, bandwidth and modulation….AND creating a Network quality Broadcast in an integrated feed. Wherever and whoever you want On -air can be.  Wherever you want to broadcast from.  The technically complex made efficient, brilliantly creative, precisely executed by Atomic Televisions’ award-winning crew.

Interested in creating your own Live broadcast event?   Email, text or call us, we’d be thrilled to put our knowledge and imagination to work for you generating immediate sales through virtual broadcast  environments….. mitch@Atomic.tv , 702-415-108, Mitch Isaacs, Director, Creative Development, www.Atomic.tv