Camera and Video Equipment Rentals

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Camera & Video Equipment Rentals

What We Offer

Atomic Television has all the gear & equipment you need. Our dedication to continually updating our tech and equipment gives Production houses the ability to rent the finest gear with budget friendly pricing.  We have whatever you need…. with or without crews: cinema cameras, network tv broadcast cameras, HD camera packages and more

HD Camera Packages:

Our camera packages available for rent include the best HD camera choices from Sony, Cannon, RED and more.

Fly Packs:

Our flypack are a complete modular system and ideal for live or live-to-tape switching on site.

Audio Packages:

Audio Packages: Everything you need for ENG shoots or multi-camera projects from mixers to lavalier mics, stick mics, boom mics, shotgun mics and more

Lighting & Grip Packages:

Customized lighting packages that bring all the nuance, atmosphere and look to your production.   Kinos, Arri lights, battery powered LED lights, and all the grip tools and accessories to light up your shoot.

Jibs, Dollies, & Sliders:

Jibs, Dollies & Sliders: All the extras needed to elevate your camera package to get that breathtaking shot

Teleprompter Packages:

Shoot-through teleprompter systems can be rented with an operator to assist and enable your on-camera talent to effortlessly deliver content.

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