Covid-19 guidelines

“Quality and safety are non-negotiable”.


“Quality and safety are non-negotiable”

Atomic Television is OPEN FOR BUSINESS during the novel coronavirus 19 pandemic. We are taking sensible precautions to protect the health of our crews, clients and the public at large. State and local guidelines are in constant flux and we continue to monitor them to remain in compliance. Atomic Television is committed to providing communication services with the utmost safety and precautions. 

We are committed to executing productions in the safest manner possible. While our nation addresses the challenges presented by coronavirus, we will be implementing these top-level guidelines for the foreseeable future.

Additionally these department-specific guidelines will also be implemented on a project-by-project basis for coronavirus 19 pandemic productions. We have developed a stringent safety and sanitation policy. The main attributes of these new procedures focus on health monitoring, PPE, safe distancing between personnel, cleaning and disinfecting

These safety guidelines will be assessed and updated frequently to accommodate the constant evolution of the COVID-19 situation. We pledge to use a minimal crew when possible, thoroughly sanitize equipment and spaces, practice social distancing, observe zero physical contact guidelines and, as always, adhere to creative and professional crew practices. 


    1. All Atomic Television staff will follow CDC, local, state and federal laws and advisories and guidelines.

    2. Staff will work from home as much as possible, hold Zoom or Skype meetings for pre-production.

    3. Once at the facility, staff will only access areas that are absolutely necessary.

    4. Where possible, common doors will be left open to avoid touching door handles.

    5. All hand contact areas and surfaces will be wiped down upon entering, during work and upon leaving the facility. Sanitizing wipes are used on all surfaces that staff, clients and vendors have touched. This includes doorknobs, light switches, alarms, keyboards, touchscreens, handrails, telephones, printers, equipment, vehicles and package deliveries.

    6. All staff have been assigned to groups with a specific entrance, bathroom, keypad and breakroom. When applicable.


    1. Staff members will prep and load gear separately, with only one staff member present at any given time. Wipes and disinfectants are included for sanitizing gear after the shoot.

    2. Everyone on the crew will drive separately if possible, to avoid close quarters interactions.

    3. On set, all staff will practice CDC social distancing guidelines.

    4. Camera operators will make the appropriate lens choices to maintain social distancing with  an effort to remain at least 6 feet from those being recorded, We will assist in reminding talent to social distance as well. If a request arises for multiple cameras- they are to be placed 6 feet apart from each other when possible.

    5. Whenever possible, audio will be captured from a shotgun mic on an extended boom pole. If, for reasons such as ambient noise, lighting obstruction, or talent movement within the set, and a wireless lavaliere mic needs to be placed on the subject/talent-that person will be provided with the mic and wireless transmitter pack and instructed on how these items should be placed on themselves. The field staff will instruct the talent to remove their mic and transmitter when they are done and place it in a designated area for pickup and wipe down by the A2. In cases where audio feeds need to be connected, the audio tech will make arrangements with the mixer or audio production staff on site to ensure connectivity with the most minimal contact possible.

    6. After the shoot, all gear will be thoroughly sanitized on location.


    1. If you are sick, stay home, contact our office with your concerns- ASAP, so we can replace your position in a timely manner.

    2. If you feel sick during the shoot, please advise the producer and leave the set immediately.

    3. Everyone on the crew will drive separately if possible. This avoids close quarters interactions.

    4. Minimize the number of people on set (crew, talent, client) — 10 max.

    5. Maintain social distancing (6’ or more) at all times.

    6. Use a boom mic rather than a lavalier mic to maintain social distance. If, for reasons of noise,  lighting, or talent movement, a wireless mic needs to be placed that person will be provided with the mic and wireless transmitter pack and instructed on how these items should be placed on themselves.

    7. No makeup artist when possible; please handle your own hair/makeup as necessary. If a makeup artist IS REQUIRED, they must adhere to CDC on-set requirements.

    8. Wear a face mask AT ALL TIMES while on set.

    9. On-camera talent should remove their face mask only when the camera is rolling. (Producer will advise when it’s safe to remove the mask.) 

    10. Camera operators need to maintain social distance (6ft) from the subject, and use available zoom lenses for the shot.

    11. All Camera equipment, lights and grip equipment should be touched only by the person operating it.

    12. Wear latex gloves and discard them in a safe place after use.

    13. Disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces before and after the shoot.

    14. WASH YOUR HANDS thoroughly before and after the shoot, either with soap and hot water for 20 seconds or a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

    15. Thanks for your help in keeping everyone safe during this challenging time.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes will be provided to crew persons who request them.

Health Screening

All cast and crew will be subject to an on-site, no-contact infrared thermometer upon arrival on set. Anyone presenting Covid-19 symptoms will be released from set. 

“Quality and safety are non-negotiable”

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