Audio Editing

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Audio Editing

What We Offer

Complete single source audio design services that will make your video melodic and compelling.

Atomic Television offers complete digital audio editing services including audio sweetening, voice-recording, soundtrack library, sound design, audio and ADR (audio dialogue replacement).

All The Tech, Tools and Digital Equipment

Atomic Television can handle any post-house work for advertising agencies, video producers, film producers, Corporate Marketing & Advertising, web designers, sports, entertainment and music artists.

Virtuoso Technicians

Let our specialists craft sound design like a Maestro.  Our wide-ranging treasure trove of royalty-free music, licensed music track sand sound effects can create the perfect audio for your next radio/tv commercial or B2B video project

Decades of Dependable Deliverables

We’ve worked on point, on time and on budget for thousands of projects.  Let the Atomic Television audio team masterfully deliver your next project as an organized aesthetic whole experience.

Animation, motion graphics and visual FX that take your project to the next level

Let our experts work for you!

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